Iowa farm scene

Cedar Rapids and Iowa has many nationally known businesses. The area has defense contractors, appliance manufacturers, the world's largest cereal mill, insurance companies, communications entrepreneurs, high-tech computer devices and boards, print shops, etc. I could go on and on, but check the links for what I have. If you can't find it, check the yellow page links (coming soon) for Cedar Rapids on this page.


AnnesPantry - For those who can remember the taste of real food, made from scratch, Anne's creations capture the flavor of their youth.
APAC Careers - APAC Career Opportunities.(offline)
Architects - Architects in Iowa home pages.(offline)
Bagelicious - For bagel lovers, a page from the local Bagelicious. - C.R. business listings (host) - also has area pictures and links.
Camp Pope Bookshop (Ia City) - A bookstore specializing in out-of-print books. Check them out, they have a nice variety.
CedarNet - CedarNet Community Computer Network - a Waterloo based host.
CedarNet B.B.S. - CedarNet Online B.B.S.
Cedar Rapids Toyota - "We've got the touch" - local Toyota dealership page.
Century21 - Another local realty company online (with listings).
Collins Credit Union - The CCU homepage.
CRnet - This guy used to host pages, now I think he's into consulting.
CRST - CRST International, Inc. - A national trucking company with headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
DHI - DHI Communications (hosting/page creation).
Firstcar - The page - hosting some of the local car dealers.
Frontier Cooperative Herbs - This business in Norway (Iowa) processes herbs and does a fine job of it. Check out their page for all they have to offer.
HandiMart - HandiMart/Nordstrom Oil. It used to be QuikTrips, now it's a HandiMart at every corner.
Holiday Inn Express - One of the more than 35 or so hotels/motels in the area. This one is one of the newer ones.
IES Utilities - The people who keep merging with other utilities to raise your rates!!!
Inlet - Intelligent Internet Publishing (CR web page/site designers).
International Real Estate Digest - Realtors in the state of Iowa.
Internet Navigator ( - Web host & service for N. Liberty, CR and Anamosa.
INTERNETaction - Internet consultants and web site designers.
Iowa Electronics - LAN/WAN sales/service/installation, internet services and business training.
IowaRealty - Yet another local realty company (with listings).
John's Lock & Key - Need a locksmith. See what they can do for you.
Kelley Blue Book - Kelley Blue Book new car prices and Bluebook values.
Matrixpro - - Web site designers.
McLeod - Available Job Listings - The telephone/telecommunications /telemarketing company that wants to take over as the number one employer in the area. Good job Clark!!
MEBBS - Midwest Electronic BBS - my provider. They serve Vinton, Cedar Rapids and the Iowa City area.
National Auto Locator - National Auto Locator for Iowa.
New Pioneer Co-op Online - A great place to look for those goods you cannot find elsewhere. Co-op based food store / bakery selling to members and non-members alike. Check them out!!!
Perpetual Savings Bank - Perpetual Savings Bank (they just merged with someone - but I'll be damned if I can remember who. My national merger scorecard is full!!
QuakerOats Home Page - The Quaker Oats Company homepage. The largest cereal mill in the world is located here - in Cedar Rapids. And yes, some of us can smell it when they over-roast the Captain Crunchtm.
Sheraton Four Points Hotel - Sheraton Four Points Hotel and Convention Center. Note: this place was the first of the hotels in now what can be considered 'Hotel Row'. Nice facility.
Skogman Realty - Another Cedar Rapids based realty company (with listings).
Yahoo! - Business - A service link to Yahoo's Cedar Rapids business directory.

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