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IOWA - the beautiful land. Having lived here now for 21 years, I have become familiar with this state and what it has to offer. Iowans are proud trustees of the land - land for agriculture and for play. The majority of this states land is dedicated to farming, whether it be corn, soybeans, hogs or cattle and many things in between. We are also blessed with many fine parks and recreation areas.

On this page you can find links to things relating to Iowa. I have found other Iowans that have nice pages, and they can be found here as well. Have fun and tour the state thru these links.

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Des Moines

Corn, Corn, Corn, Corn, Corn, Corn
Des Moines Downtown Farmers Market Vendors
Des Moines Iowa Downtown Farmers Market
Des Moines Iowa Downtown Farmers Market
Des Moines Today
Eclectic Links
Ground Zero (D.M. personal page -everything)
INS Info Services Home Page

IOWA - Antiques & Collectibles Shops, Malls, Co-ops, Centers, Galleries, & related Businesses
Iowa Internet Sites
Iowa Road Work
IOWA Speedtraps
Tour Iowa Online!
Zelda's Iowa Page
great Iowa links page

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