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Two sections here. Search engines with for Cedar+Rapids and general search engines. If you can't find it on my pages, use these.

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Search Engines - General

[ Yahoo! ] options
Toy Boy - Toy Boy's Ultimate Collection of Search Engines
What-U-Seek - What-U-Seek
Northern Light Search - Northern Light Search
Ask Jeeves - Ask Jeeves
Mamma: Mother of all Search Engines - Mamma: Mother of all Search Engines
MetaSearch at Highway 61 - MetaSearch at Highway 61 Infoseek - Infoseek
WebCrawler - WebCrawler
Lycos Home Page - Lycos Home Page
HotBot - HotBot
Excite - Excite
AltaVista - AltaVista Main Page

Search Engines - Cedar Rapids Specific

City Guide: Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Lycos City Guide for Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Excite - Excite Search Results for 'Cedar Rapids Iowa'
Infoseek : Cedar Rapids - Infoseek : 'Cedar Rapids' search results
Magellan - Magellan 'Cedar Rapids Iowa' search results
Nerd World - Iowa Resources by Nerd World Media
Starting Point - Starting Point - local city guide for C.R., IA
Yahoo! Get Local: Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 - Yahoo! Get Local for Cedar Rapids 52401
Yahoo! Get Local - Yahoo! Get Local - Iowa cities index

Search Engines Just for Kids

Ask Jeeves for Kids
Intuitive plain english searching for kids

AOL Kids
Kids version of the popular web portal

Lycos' engine with kids-safe material

The Whitehouse for Kids
Information on the Whitehouse and the government

Web portal for kids

Saluki Search
A family friendly search

Owl Kids
A site for kids of all ages and their parents

A site where that helps you study and research

Sports Illustrated for Kids
The place for the young fan

A search engine for K - 12
A visual learning tool for kids & instructors
A visual learning tool for kids & instructors

Surf Monkey
Kids Internet Channel



Yahoo's popular children's search and web portal

Family friendly search engine

Kids Click
Human editor reviews of web sites

WGW for Kids
Search site for kids

InfoPlease for Kids
Kids oriented search site

Department of Treasury for Kids
Information on the Treasury department and currency

Kids Sites
A search engine for kids

A kid safe search engine
The SuperSite for Kids

A fun website for kids

Discovery School
A learning site brought to you by the Discovery Channel.

MaMa Media
The place for the kids on the net

Awesome Library

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